Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to Enable Emoji Emoticon Keyboard in iOS5 and iMessage

How to Enable Emoji Emoticon Keyboard in iOS5 and iMessage
With iOS 5, you are able to switch to a keyboard made up entirely of emoticons and use Emoji in imessages, emails, and more on your iPad. This feature is actually helpful and cool.

How to activate emoji on iPad iOS 5
* From your device's home screen, tap Settings 》 General 》 Keyboard.
* Tap the "International Keyboards" tab, "Add New Keyboard", and select the "Emoji".

To use Emoji in iMessage app, you need to switch the keyboards, and tap the globe icon to the right of the space bar. Tapping the icons along the bottom of the keyboard allows you to switch between different emoji themes.

Some photos/videos not syncing after iOS5 upgraded

Some photos/videos not syncing after iOS5 upgraded
After upgraded my iPad 2 from 4.3.5 to iOS 5, I note that some new photos and videos are not syncing with the lastest iTunes. About 3000 out of my 12000 photos won't sync to either my iPad or iPhone 4s. 600 photos that were on my iPad are gone and I can't get them back. Doing factory reset, and clearing the photo cache on Mac, but not working. If I manually select some folders to sync, it works. Very frustrating.

Today I go to check off do not sync pictures in iTunes, and do a syncing to remove them from my iPad device. Then recheck the option again, and re-sync them. That seems to fix the issue with iOS 5.

How to Set up Facebook in iPad iOS 6

How to Set up Facebook in iPad iOS 6
Facebook has been highly integrated natively into iOS 6. You can easily link your Facebook account to your iPad and quickly access features of Facebook right from within native app.

How to Set up Facebook in iPad iOS 6
* From Home Screen, Tap on "Settings" to access your devices settings.
* Tap the "Facebook" option. If you haven't already got it, tap "Install Now" to install the official app.
* Enter your Email/Phone and Password associated with your Facebook account to link it with the native integration in iOS 6.

New iPad Mini Release Date On October

New iPad Mini coming soon
Apple is preparing this year to lauch a smaller and more affordable tablet device called "iPad Mini". It will sit in-between the iPhone and the iPad for screen space, purportedly release in October and sell for around $200. The iPad Mini doesn't have the high definition Retina display, so it hits a low price to battle Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

According to rumors, iPad Mini might have only 8GB storage and would be the 1024 by 768 pixel displays, but lacks the front- and rear-facing cameras. Its price is completely made up to get attention. Developers will create their apps to apply for the smaller screen.

I think that it is not necessary to buy. A new product with an old display. You get screens with poor viewing angles and poor contrast.

How to custom Per-Person Email Alerts on iPad iOS 6

How to custom Per-Person Email Alerts on iPad iOS 6
There are new features in the iOS 6 operating system, such as Siri, shared Photo Streams, FaceTime over cellular, new Maps app with 3D view, and more. And custom email alerts is one of the smaller changes. With new iOS6 Mail app, you are able to set custom email alerts for any of your VIP contacts. The feature uses the VIP smart mailbox allowing you to mark certain person as VIP. For example, if you want to ignore messages alerts from your boss more efficiently at night, just leave the VIP box active.

How to custom Per-Person Email Alerts on iOS 6
* From Home Screen, tap Setting > Notification.
* You will find the VIP option in the Notification settings. Tap on VIP into a new section. Now you can set up custom alerts for any of your VIP contacts, and configure how they pop up in Notification Center, or make these settings on a per-account basis.

Download DancePad - Dance Dance Revolution on the iPad

DancePad - Dance Dance Revolution on the iPad
DancePad is a new iPad game that lets your fingers tap on screen in rhythm. It looks like "Tap Tap Revenge", but more like the console game "Dance Dance Revolution" where you dance on a mat is to jump. Great idea for using fingers to simulate DDR on your iPad.

DancePad is simple and amazing. Just tap on the screen to the beat of the music. You need to tap on glowing balls and use your fingers to do lot dance movements, such as jive and sliding. If you do well, then play the next level and unlock new songs. It turns the tablet into a miniature dance floor. Once getting the best scores, you can easily post to Facebook and Twitter.

Download DancePad (Free) from iTunes.

New Smart Case too Big and sharp for iPad

New Smart Case too Big and sharp for iPad
Apple's new Smart Cases for iPad are availabled in a variety of colors, including polyurethane dark gray, light gray, blue, pink, green, and red. Looking like the original one, the new hard shell iPad Smart Case has the automatically sleeps/wakes function and can fold up into a stand. However, it does protect both the back and the front of your iPad device.

I just received my new smart case from the online Apple Store and there are some incompatibility issues. The case is just way too large for the iPad 2 and the edges are too sharp. When I hold my iPad within it, the lip just comes away on the right hand side. It doesn't really protect the tablet in the same way as a wraparound case. And the iPad 3 also has the exact same issue.