Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to fix "iPad stuck on updating apps" issues

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All iPad apps stuck on updating
There are about 20 apps had updates available on my iPad 2. After I tap on "update all", they are stuck updating and still in "waiting" mode for 3 days now. My tablet has got the latest iOS udate. Try rebooting and logging out/in of the itunes store, but it is not working.

How to fix "iPad stuck on updating apps" issues
* On your Mac or Windows, open itunes software, click "Check for available downloads" from "Store" menu to update. Once download is completed, go to do a syncing with your tablet.
* On WiFi connection, go to setting > WiFi and change DNS to use
* If the above couldn't fix the issue, try the steps. First go to Setting > iCloud, and tap on Bakc up Now button. Delete all unresponsive apps. Tap General > reset, and reset all settings. Then let iCloud restore the device from your backup.

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