Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Use Siri to check Sports Scores on iPad iOS 6

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Use Siri to check Sports Scores on iPad iOS 6
Like Google Now search assistant for Android, iOS 6's Siri has the ability to offer informations with your favorite sports teams in real time, including Football, Basketball, Golf, College sports and more. After you hold down the home button to open Siri, you can use the following commands to ask Siri for checking the latest sports scores.

* What was the score of [the Time]'s [the team] game
Such as, What was the score of last night's Phillies game?
Siri will automatically show up a card with the complete score summary.
* What place are [the team] in
Such as, What place are the lakers in?
It will display a card with lakers's league.
* When is the next [the team] game
For example, When is the next Knicks game?
You will receive a card with the time of the Knicks'next game.

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