Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to use Maps 3D Flyover in iOS 6

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How to use Maps 3D Flyover in iOS 6
iOS 6's new default Maps app is only available on the iPad 2 and new iPad and the iPhone 4S. The 3D flyover view, which is one of the useful features, bring up full 3D models in many cities and other locations.

How to use 3D flyover view on iOS 6
* Tap on the Maps app, go to the city that has 3D mapping data, and select either Hybrid or Satellite button at the bottom for switching the view mode.
* In the lower left of the screen, there is a little 3D button. Tap on it. Now you are able to fly over building and streets. You can also use two fingers to change the viewing angle or rotate the point of view.

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