Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to save webpage as pdf on iPad Safari

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How to save webpage as pdf on iPad Safari
On Mac or Windows computer, it is easy to convert Web-page to PDF file using "Print to PDF" feature. The iPad itself does not have this built-in function to copy the web-site into a PDF file for offline viewing. Taking a screen shot of the web page is an alternative, but you can do that with third-party app.

* You need to download and insatll a PDF app on your iPad, such as Good Reader or iAnnotate PDF.
* Open any website in Safari browser and add to bookmarks. Go to edit the bookmarks you just saved, and change the link to the following one line codes:


Another way is to create this bookmark from computer's Safari and sync it to your tablet.
* Now open a page you want to save and load the javascript bookmark. Then GoodReader or other reader will download and open the PDF document.

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