Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Setup Do Not Disturb on iOS 6

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Setup Do Not Disturb on iOS 6
Do Not Disturb is one of the new features in iOS 6. This is a very useful function. While you are doing something and don't want to be interruptted, it could help you prevent all alerts, calls, and notifications from iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, such as having a meeting or being asleep.

How to Setup "Do Not Disturb" feature on iOS 6
* To enable it, tap Settings, and switch "Do Not Disturb" to ON. The status bar will be appeared a moon icon next to the time.
* To use it, go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb.
* Turn "Scheduled" ON. Under the option, you will see a schedule for Do Not Disturb. Tap it to set the starting and ending time. The another option "Allow Calls from" means that you can still get some calls from specific groups on your iPhone.

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