Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Delete Facebook contacts from Contacts in iOS 6

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Delete Facebook contacts from Contacts in iOS 6
iOS 6 is integrated with Facebook. After I updated my iPad 2 to iOS 6, every friend I have on Facebook is displayed in my contacts. When I select one person to delete conact from my device, I get "The linked Facebook contact will not be deleted" error message. I just leave the ones I want. How can I delete facebook contacts in iOS 6?

* To deletes all of them, go to the Contacts app. There is a "groups" at the top left. Tap on the Groups section and uncheck the "Facebook contact" Group.
* If you want to keep certain FB contacts without deleting all, tap Settings from Home screen, find and select "Facebook" and turn Contacts OFF. However, you have to manually delete the ones you do not want.
* If you calender app has got every person you have on Facebook's birthday, you can also open Calendar app, go to Groups option and delete FB.

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