Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Do Not Disturb not working on iOS 6

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Do Not Disturb not working on iOS 6
I have updated iOS 6 on both my iPad 2 and iPhone 5, and setup Do Not Disturb(DND) feature to silence alerts, calls and notifications. It works fine on my tablet and Do Not Disturb is not working with the phone. I have setup the schedule in the setting and there is a moon symbol at the top of the screen, but it still rings with vibrate normally while having calls. Performing a reset also has the same problem.

How to fix Do Not Disturb issues on iOS 6
* You need to set the device into locked/sleep mode with black screen. When the screen is on and it understands you are using device, it turns itself off.
* Make sure the time system are correct.
* Go to Setting > notifications, set "Scheduled" slider to ON, and set "Allow Calls From" to None. In DND setting, if you enable and set "Starting XXX hour Ending XXX hour", the DND on/off switch will be changed and you have to manually activate it again.

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