Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Using Maps offline mode on iOS 6

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Using Maps offline mode on iOS 6
While you are traveling outside of WiFi network or on a area with poor cellular connectivity, you can turn iOS 6's new Maps app into offline use mode. With Apple's vector-based mapping system, you are able to automatically cache a very large area of territory in the iPad/iPhone device memory for offline browsing and GPS navigation.

On iOS 5, Google Maps only allows to offline browse area at a couple zoom levels in 2D. The iOS 6 vector maps supports browsing an entire continent over 100 miles and in 3D, and zooming into highway, state-level maps and satellite imagery, but lacks of street level.

After loading the app for a wide area, like San Francisco, you don't need to manually configure any maps for offine use. Because everything is caching automatically on your iOS device.

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