Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cannot join WiFi network after updated to iOS 6

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Cannot join WiFi network after updated to iOS 6
After updated my iPad 2 from 5.1.1 to iOS 6 over the air, I am experiencing Wi-Fi problems. When I try to connect to my home WiFi, the tablet keeps saying "Unable to join the network". But my wife's iPhone 4s on iOS 5 still works fine. My Netgear WGT624 router has the latest firmware. It seems that the router can't process the authorisation and refuses the device to connect.

How to fix WiFi network issues with iOS 6
* Go to Setting > WiFi, turn your WiFi OFF and then ON again.
* Tap Setting > Wi-Fi, select the Blue button next to the connecting network, and set HTTP Proxy to Auto.
* If not working, restore your device via iTunes.

Hope Apple will release a update to correct this issue.

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