Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to setup/add VIP Contacts in iOS6 Mail

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How to setup/add VIP Contacts in iOS6 Mail
VIP Contact is a new feature in stock Mail app with iOS 6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Lots of users might be excited about it. A VIP list could help you never miss any important message with that person. Their message will appear in the Notification Center while be received on your tablet.

How to add additional VIP contacts on ios 6
* By default, the VIP inbox is empty on iPad and iPhone. To add a VIP Contact to lists, you need to manually choose one as VIPs.
* From Home screen, tap Mail app to open it, and then "Mailboxes" tab at left top. Tap VIP from the pop-up menu and select "Add VIP" button.
* Type the name of the person you want as a VIP into the search field. Find it out from your address book to add it.
* You can also click on the email address and then choose "add to VIP".
* To edit or add more contacts as VIP, you have to go to accounts > VIP account, and hold the blue circle with arrow for 2 seconds.

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