Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Enable Multiple User Accounts on shared iPad

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Enable Multiple User Accounts on shared iPad
In the Enterprise, several people would like to use sharing one iPad in the office to set up their own Exchange mail account or use own Apple iTunes store ID to download apps. Primarily the tablet is only supporting a single user account and can't create separate user accounts to log in, like Mac or Windows computer.

Lots of users keep asking for this capability. Apple's developer team have said a suggestion for getting multiple user profiles on iPad for other users in the house. Maybe the feature will be included in iOS 6.

With the "Our Pad (for iPad ONLY)" By Ghori Networks, you are able to let multiple users access a single iPad using separate password-protected account. Very good for IT manager. The app supports Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, and Facebook, and automatically signs out while in sleep mode.

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