Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New Smart Case too Big and sharp for iPad

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New Smart Case too Big and sharp for iPad
Apple's new Smart Cases for iPad are availabled in a variety of colors, including polyurethane dark gray, light gray, blue, pink, green, and red. Looking like the original one, the new hard shell iPad Smart Case has the automatically sleeps/wakes function and can fold up into a stand. However, it does protect both the back and the front of your iPad device.

I just received my new smart case from the online Apple Store and there are some incompatibility issues. The case is just way too large for the iPad 2 and the edges are too sharp. When I hold my iPad within it, the lip just comes away on the right hand side. It doesn't really protect the tablet in the same way as a wraparound case. And the iPad 3 also has the exact same issue.

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