Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Delete iTunes match songs from iOS 6 music app

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Delete iTunes match songs from iOS 6 music app
My iPad has been upgraded to iOS 6. After downloading several albums of music from iTunes Match, I note that the storage becomes a little space. So I decide to delete some oldest music app tracks stored on the device. However, finger swiping is not working in "songs" or "albums" tab. Then I restart my tablet and still get the same issues.

How to delete iTunes match songs/albums from iOS 6 music app
* Tap Settings > Music, turn off "iTunes Match" feature. Open the music app and make sure there is not iTunes Match content. * Now select a song that you want to remove, swipe to the right or left using your finger, and tap the red Delete button.
* To delete multiple songs at once, select Playlists, Artists, or Albums, tap and hold the item, and then tap the "X" in the top left corner of it.

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