Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to delete all photos in iPad Camera Roll on Windows PC

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How to delete all photos in iPad Camera Roll on Windows PC
With iTunes software, it is useful for moving music and videos to/from the tablet, but it might be difficult to transfer entire Photos library. Sometime you would like to delete all picture from camera roll on iPad 2 to free up space and save them to the PC computer.

How to delete all photos in iPad Camera Roll on PC quickly
* Make sure you PC has enabled the digital camera notification behavior.
* Connect your iPad to computer via USB cable.

For Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC
* The AutoPlay window will pop up. Click "Import Pictures and Videos using Windows" and then the Import Settings link.
* In setting screen, your Camera Roll's photos are imported to the "My Pictures" folder by default and you can also change the folder.
* Now check "Always erase from device after copying" and click OK button to start the processing. The Camera Roll size will be reduced.

For Windows XP
* Click Start menu > Computer, navigate to iPad\Internal Storage\DCIM\100APPLE.
* Move them to a folder on your computer.

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  1. go to setting.icloud.back up and storage. manage storage. then click on a back up. and turn off things she doesnt need backed up.
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  2. It's simple and some of these people solutions are completely off the wall.
    They're synced photos, you can't delete it them from the iPad without erasing ALL of them via the Settings app.
    You want to connect it back to your computer, and delete that photo or move out of the folder so it won't sync back to your iPad and you can also uncheck that photo.
    There is a really handy way to delete all photos in iPad Camera Roll.

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