Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to change default browser on iPad

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How to change default browser on iPad
It is easy to make default app to others on Android OS. However, if you have installed third-party app on iOS, it is no setting to change the default browser or mail, and you have to manually redirect to use the third-party browser over Safari. I am perfect like using Atomic, Dolphin, Opera Mini, Atomic, iCab Mobile, Skyfire or Google's Chrome browser. Is there a way to make Chrome as the default browser on my iPad 2? I really need the feature.

Apple don't allow user to change the default browser, media, and mail. You need to jailbreak iPad to get the same thing as on Mac OS X. Browser Changer is a simple tweak that can change to popular third-party app. After installed it from Cydia, tap Settings > BrowserChooser > Select browser, and choose what you want to use.

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