Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Upload files from iPad Safari to websites

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Upload files from iPad Safari to websites
When I try to access web-based content management site on my iPad 2, the "Choose file" button is grayed out and I can not upload or attach files to CM sites from Safari. The tablet is lacks of a standard file system and it seems no way to select files to upload from there. Is there any workaround to do that?

* iCab Mobile (Web Browser) is an iOS app that offers tabs, fullscreen mode, Dropbox/AirPrint support and download almost all files features. With the app, it is easy to upload photos to many websites, such as flickr or Facebook.

* In iOS 6, Safari Web Browser allows you to upload Photo and Video. It will bring up either to take a new photo or video option, or choose existing one from Camera Roll. However, you are still unable to add a file from iWork Documents to go.

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