Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sort iPad alerts in Notifications center by Time

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Sort iPad alerts in Notifications center by Time
The iOS 5's Notification Center lets you keep up to date on things like appointments, tasks and email. If you want to see the most recent alerts always on top, try the following tips on your iPad.

How to sort the order of alerts in Notification Center by time
* From Home screen, tap on Setting.
* Tap on Notifications. In the screen, you will see "Manually" and "By Time" under the "Sort Apps" option. Check "By Time" to set it up based on the time automatically when alerts arrive on your tablet.

If you want to manually organize and sort Notification Center alerts, go to Setting > Notifications and tap Manually. Tap "Edit" button. Then grab one app to raise or lower in the list, and drag it to the position. If you want to remove app alert, drag the app to the labeled "Not In Notification Center".

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